Watching films and TV series in the language you are studying is a useful and fun way to improve your understanding and enrich your vocabulary.

Language Today organizes evenings where you can watch films in their original language. In addition to popcorn, crisps and drinks, the school provides a teacher who helps the students-viewers understand ironic jokes, idioms and slang that are not found in books.

During our last film night we watched The Big Lebowski, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of this funny and bizarre film by the Coen brothers. Take part in the next Language Today Film Night!

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Even grownups can learn a lot through games … especially in another language.

Language Today organizes game days or weekends for their students, their friends and relatives:

Taboo, Pictionary, Bananagrams and Trivial Pursuit are some of the many board games where you can challenge other students and your teachers, learning new expressions in the language you are studying.

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Occasionally we organize “Special Events” that engage our students in fun, cultural, artistic activities dedicated to one or more languages studied at Language Today!

Our next special event: “KARAOKE IN JAPANESE” (with subtitles)!  Date and time will be announced shortly. Write an email to for info and reservations. 

We look forward to seeing you.




​Language Today periodically organizes creative writing contests aimed at its students; each time we propose a different theme for you to express your creativity freely. So, you may have to compose a poem, invent a joke or write a touching story.  

Vintage typewriter with abstract swirls on grungy background – creativity

If you feel inspired and want to give it a try, you could win one of our fantastic prizes!

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At Language Today we discovered a fool proof method to learn a new language: do you want to know what it is?

Very simple: you have to study!

That’s why our school rewards effort by nominating and celebrating the “student of the month”!

Understand that our student of the month is not the one with the richest vocabulary or has the clearest pronunciation. We reward those who make an effort to learn something every day, who read books, watch films and practice the language, even at the cost of making some blunders!

Yes, we want “the best of the class”, and we have prepared some fantastic prizes that will make you overcome the embarrassment of being the teacher’s pet!

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